ORFS- זכר-O- טבעת-גורף

6F9 elbow fittings are 90 degrees ORFS make o-ring bulkhead types. Our production covers complete sizes which can meet most demands from customers over the world. They are also resistant to vibrations and system impulses. The sealing between pipe and adapter is created by a O-ring, which gives a safe unit. The fittings can be dismantled and assembled multiple times without deterioration of the unit.


Part no.: 6F9(90 Degrees ORFS Male O-ring Bulkhead)
Standard: SAE J514, SAE J1453, BS5200, DIN2353 standards
Sizes All kind of size is available.
Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper
Export: 70% products are exported to American and European markets for 8 years.
OEM: our engineering team and costing department could design and make hose fittings according to your special demands.

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 חוט האבS1
6F9-04U9 / 16 "X18294714
6F9-06U11 / 16 "X16305217
6F9-08U13 / 16 "X163755.522
6F9-10U1 "X14436327
6F9-12U1.3 / 16 "X125267.233
6F9-16U1.7 / 16 "X125971.244