BSP-O- טבעת מתכווננת- Stud


Part no.: 1SG9-OG(90°JIS GAS Male 60°Cone to BSP Male O-ring Adjustable Stud)
Material: Carbon Steel(Qualified); Stainless Steel and brass are acceptable
Surface treatment: Zinc-plated(white or yellow); chrome plated; nickel plated
OEM service: available for producing as samples; designing
Samples service: less than 3pcs total is free of charge for testing products quality.

טבלת נתונים טכניים


חלק מס '.

螺纹 חוטIM ממדים
 ה ואבS1S2
1SG9-04OGG1 / 4 "X19G1 / 4 "X192731.31419
1SG9-06OGG3 / 8 "X19G3 / 8 "X192935.81722
1SG9-08OGG1 / 2 "X14G1 / 2 "X143743.22227
1SG9-12OGG3 / 4 "X14G3 / 4 "X144349.32732
1SG9-16OGG1 "X11G1 "X1149533341
1SG9-20OGG1.1 / 4 "X11G1.1 / 4 "X1157594450
1SG9-24OGG1.1 / 2 "X11G1.1 / 2 "X1159655055

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שאלות נפוצות

1. How can you ensure the quality of your hose fittings?
We will arrange hose fittings sample confirmation before production. During the hose fittings production, we have professional QC staffs control the quality and manufacture in accordance to the confirmed sample of hose fittings . We will also send you our material report and quality report with delivery.
2. Do you offer OEM service and can you produce hose fittings as our drawings?
Yes. We offer hose fittings OEM service. We accept custom design and we have a professional design team who can design hose fittings based on your requirements. And we can develop new hose fittings according to your samples or drawings
3. Can we design the packaging for our hose fittings order?
כן, אתה יכול לציין את מידות הקרטון והמזרן.
4. Do you offer free samples of the hose fittings?
We can provide free samples of hose fittings. and you should pay the freight. After you place an order, we will give back the freight
5. What's your delivery time for my hose fittings order?
Generally, we will arrange your hose fittings shipment with 25 days after receiving the deposit. If urgent, we can also meet your requirement